A couple a nasty boys

"The Horse" CD

"The Horse" CD


Ceramic Animal’s sophomore album “The Horse” is handsome and sounds good.

Vinyl’s little laser bro here. Sony Discman compatable. Features the highest fidelity sound you can jam on a CD. 

Released August 3, 2018

Track Listing: 

  1. Tino

  2. Xxxpectations

  3. Better Off

  4. Patiently 4 U

  5. Look for a Lover

  6. So Familiar

  7. Hit or Miss

  8. Sweet Lady Missouri 

  9. The Horse

Recorded at Daddy’s Basement Studios in Doylestown, PA. 

Written by Warren Regan and Ceramic Animal

Recording Artists: 

  • Warren Regan: Guitar / lead vox

  • Elliott Regan: Keys / vox

  • Erik Regan: Drums

  • Dallas Hosey: Bass

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