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“The Horse” Vinyl :: [Limited Edition First Pressing]

“The Horse” Vinyl :: [Limited Edition First Pressing]


Woooooaaaah there partner. You are lookin at a limited edition first pressing of Ceramic Animal’s sophomore album “The Horse”. 

That’s gold foil friends, stamped in there real good to created an embossed texture. Its foil, not ink, so it glistens in the light like your Nasty Boys after a good long set. The background is stark white with a super glossy finish. Oh, and there is a gate fold that opens up to some of the bands favorite moments from their 2018 US tour.

And if you want to actually play it we got you covered with a heavyweight-champion-of-the-world matching white audiophile 180-gram big boy. Y’all probably need to change your needles but don’t worry this guy can take some punishment and sound great either way. 

Our apologies as this being a collectable edition we must limit quantities to 2 per customer. No stockpiling. Lookin’ at you Sam from Austin, TX. 

Released August 3, 2018

Track Listing: 

  1. Tino

  2. Xxxpectations

  3. Better Off

  4. Patiently 4 U

  5. Look for a Lover

  6. So Familiar

  7. Hit or Miss

  8. Sweet Lady Missouri 

  9. The Horse

Recorded at Daddy’s Basement Studios in Doylestown, PA. 

Written by Warren Regan and Ceramic Animal

Recording Artists: 

  • Warren Regan: Guitar / lead vox

  • Elliott Regan: Keys / vox

  • Erik Regan: Drums

  • Dallas Hosey: Bass

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