A couple a nasty boys

"The Cart" CD

"The Cart" CD


It’s ya boy! The OG. The classic. The one that started it all: The Cart. 

Vinyl’s little laser bro here. Sony Discman compatable. Features the highest fidelity sound you can jam on a CD. 

To accompany the classic-psych-rock sounds of The Cart, the album artwork was inspired by the look of your prized classic-rock-dusty-dollar-bin-finds at your local record store. The front features your nasty boys, the three Regan brothers with original bassist Walker Gall. The photo is a Polaroid, taken in the green room before they took stage in their first sold out show in Philly. For those wondering: Walker is holding a Natty Boh, known affectionally by Ceramic Animal as “Nasty Boh”. 

We still have the original Polaroid. 

Released August 11, 2016

Track Listing: 

  1. Maybe

  2. Dreams Via Memories

  3. Mistakes

  4. Tonight

  5. Edgy

  6. Against the Wall

  7. Mad

  8. Codename Righteous

Recorded at Daddy’s Basement Studios in Doylestown, PA. 

Written by Warren Regan and Ceramic Animal

Recording Artists: 

  • Warren Regan: Guitar/vox

  • Elliott Regan: Keys

  • Erik Regan: Drums

  • Walker Gall: Bass

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